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Y6 Secondary School Applications

Online Applications are now live !!!!

The online application service for admission to Secondary School 2020 is now open. The link to the online service will be available on the Secondary Schools page by following this link

UID letters have been posted to Y6 children who are Wigan residents. The letter contains details about applying for a place in Y7 for 2019. The letters also contain a UID code which parents can use along with their child’s DOB when applying online. The UID is not necessary to apply online, parents can choose the ‘No UID’ option if they are having difficulties using the UID. The UID is mainly for our purposes as it allows our systems to automatically match the child’s application to their record. If parents choose not to use it, it doesn’t affect their application and it will be received and treated the same as those who do use it.

If any children attending your school live in a different Local Authority they should be contacted by their own LA with details of how to make an application.

As in previous years we encourage parents where possible to apply online. The benefit of this is that they can log in to view the result of their application on allocation day rather than having to wait for their letter in the post.

As well as completing the main LA application, parents should also complete the supplementary faith forms for any church schools they apply for. Supplementary forms should be returned directly to the high school.